Top 7 Bollywood movies with a good social message

Bollywood movies with a good social message

Bollywood movies with a good social message. Many of the Bollywood movies may come and go but the movie with a good social message. The movie that is made to educate the Indian mentality will always remain good. Top 7 Bollywood movies with a good social message post are all made to educate Indian mentality.  It entertains the viewer every time they watch the specific movie. Whenever they watch that movie educates them with that particular message. It’s a good thing to educate Indian people with societal norms of the changing era  They are the type of movies that describes that tells us about the reality of our society.  The movies that have made such a great mark that they don’t need any introduction because of a great acting and a marvelous comedy. movies with a good social message

Here is the list of Bollywood movies with a good social message

Rang De Basanti movies with a good social message

Rang De Basanti movie by Aamir Khan is one the greatest movie of the era. The movie that can never be forgotten any movie can replace this movie because it has something that can never be made again. Rang De Basanti is the story of six young Indians. Who asks an English woman to film a documentary on the freedom fighter from there past. The event that can never be forgotten because it is made in the loving memories of Indian freedom fighters. Although the film has won many awards. The message that it has given us is to motivate youth that how common youths become the great historical freedom fighters. That has given the feeling and sense of pride.

Taare Zameen Par movies with a good social message

Taare Zameen par another movie by Aamir Khan is the best movie when it comes to social message. The movie that is based on a life story of a normal kid who is facing a problem of dyslexia. An 8-year-old lazy child who is not able to read and write properly because of dyslexia. Then comes his new art teacher helps him to overcome his disability of dyslexia. The good is given by this movie to the society. “Every child has its own capability, everyone is good in their own talent “. It’s not mandatory to score 90 or 95 percent to prove your intelligence. Everyone is talented in there own way.

 Toilet – Ek Prem Katha movies with a good social message

Toilet – Ek Prem Katha movie by Akshay Kumar is a love story highlighting the backwardness of the Indian society.  Its a story of a woman who threatens his husband because of not having a toilet in the home to leave him until he installs the toilet at his home. Akshay Kumar fights over the system to win her love and respect back. It is based on a true story of a person who fought the system.  This movie taught us the importance of sanitation and cleanliness. That is missed from the from the Indian society from the long era. Today also many of the Indian villages don’t have the access to the washroom facility. That’s the reason why Indian society is still considered as backward.

3 idiots movies with a good social message

3 idiots movie by Aamir Khan is one the best-known movie for the awareness of social message in the Indian society. The movie 3 idiots never bore the audience it’s a movie that entertains no matter how many times we watch it. The clear message is shown in the movie to do what you love to do. Following your passion is the best way to predict the best future. Don’t become a part of a rat race if you don’t like that particular thing. Make your hobby your passion as your work and you will promote every day. No matter how much you earn if you are happy with yourself its good.

Dangal movies with a good social message

Dangal movie by Aamir Khan is proved the best movie to promote social awareness in case of women empowerment. It is based on the real-life story of Indian wrestler Mahaveer Singh phogaat. He trained his daughters to become wrestlers and to represent India. This movie highlights the social message of women empowerment and equality of women in the society as compared to men. There is nothing that man can do and women cannot. His daughters also defeated men in wrestling that shows women are not only equal but superior.

Oh my god movies with a good social message

The movie Oh my god by Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar saw in a guest appearance. It is the movie that shows how people makes religion a business to earn money. In the movie, it shows how Paresh Rawal fights for his shop which is destructed in an earthquake. Also fought against the act of god to pass his claim. The message that is shown in the movie is that there is nothing wrong in believing a god but forgetting humanity is not a good thing. It’s better to help a needy person it’s better to do good and welfare for others than donating that amount in temples and churches.

Padman movies with a good social message

Movie padman by Akshay Kumar is considered as one of the greatest movies considering to spread social awareness regarding sanitary napkins.  It is one of the best movie for the awareness of sanitary napkins among the Indian women from the long time ago. Many of the Indian women’s in villages are still not aware of this facility. They still use a piece of cloth at the time of their menstrual cycle that’s not good for there hygiene and it leads to the backwardness of mentality in the Indian society. Its a real-life story of a man who himself created a machine for creating sanitary pads for women of low-income groups and there is no shame in using sanitary napkins.

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