Top 10 things that made indians angry

Top 10 things that made Indians angry

Top 10 things that made Indians angry. There are some of the weird things that happened in 2017. That have distressed peoples. These were the new things that happened but due to some reasons, people hated it. People don’t like it depending on the mentality of the one. Some of them are experiments. Some are protests regarding religious views.

Here is the list of top 10 things that made Indians angry

Zomato Ad 10 things that made indians angry

The marketing team of Zomato has found something new. Some of the new tactics and strategies for the promotion of there products and services. It’s a unique and nice way for the promotions. It doesn’t get a match with the mentality of peoples in India. Although many people don’t like it. The bold white letter MC. BC.  The written app went viral on twitter and facebook. People started calling it sexist and cheap ways to promote.

Sonu Nigam tweet 10 things that made indians angry

Sonu Nigam tweet on azaan controversy has made people disturbed the especially Muslim community. It was a little aggressive. He tweeted he got disturbed by the voice of loudspeakers. Furthermore, also said  I am not a Muslim. I don’t need azaan to wake me up. He got death threats. Shaved his head. He said”Gundagardi hai bas”. Saif Ali Khan and many other big stars reacted on his tweets. Posted a 2 minutes video from his house in which azaan can be heard clearly.

Padmavati 10 things that made indians angry

Sanjay Leela Bhansali ‘ s  Padmavati got postponed. They offended hundreds for ‘ distorting facts.  While showing the fictional character of Padmavati in a poor light. Rajasthan group called Karni Sena also threatened actress Deepika Padukone for physical harm. They said a Rajput never raise a hand on a woman. If need be we will do to Deepika what Lakshman did to Shurpanakha. The movie is about to release on 1 December. Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, and Ranveer Singh are in main leads. Former royals of Jaipur also approached for a complete ban on the movie.

Ban of crackers by Supreme court

top 10 things that made indians angry

on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. When the supreme court banned the sale of crackers in the national capital. Although it’s a good decision that the supreme court has made. Due to increased pollution in the capital city. The decision is made for the welfare of nature’s well being. People got very angry by this decision saying that it’s a Hindu festival and it comes once a year.

Ganesha eating beef 10 things that made indians angry

In 2017 an Australian ad showed Lord Ganesha was eating beef. Hundreds of people attended rallies in major cities of Australia to protest on an advertisement. Highly insulted the whole Hindu community. Hindus got offended, raised a storm on the internet. On September 11 the Indian high commission of Canberra. Lodged a diplomatic protest with Australia over the advertisement.

Javed Habib offensive ad 10 things that made indians angry

An angry mob in Uttar Pradesh Unnao district attacked Javed Habib salon. Vandalized his property. In a newspaper advertisement. Two Police complaints were lodged against him. That he is demeaning Hindu gods. Habib’s advertisement depicts that Hindu gods are waiting at Habib’s salon. The caption that god too visits Javed Habib ‘s salon. Some Hindu activists also threaten the owner to wind up his business and face consequences. He had faced a lot of buzzes. Hence apologized for that ad because religious sentiments get hurt easily in India.

Narendra Modi’s lookalike 10 things that made indians angry

Narendra Modi’s look-alike was spotted waiting for a train at a railway station and of course, a photo went viral on the social media. Comedy group ( All India Bakchod ) posted an actual photo of Modi’s face with the Snapchat dog filter. AIB  roasted for making meme on the prime minister. Supporters said they are insulting prime minister. Hurt nationalist sentiments.

Snapchat CEO 10 things that made indians angry

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has clearly said that snapchat is not for poor countries like India. This statement had created a buzz on the internet. His remarks had created a controversy. This statement has hurt many Indians because India is the country having a large number of people using snapchat at the time. Hence People started boycotting the app. How dare he say anything bad about India?

Sofia Hayat’s swastika tattoo 10 things that made indians angry

A police complaint has filed against Ex Big Boss contestant Sofia Hayat. A swastika tattooed on her feet. It considered at Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism on her feet. It created disturbance among the public peace. She has hurt religious beliefs of peoples of different communities. Therefore, it is not acceptable in the eyes of law.

Dangal actress Fatima Sana Shaikh 10 things that made indians angry

Dangal actress “Fatima Sana Shaikh”  spotted chilling on a beach at the Maldives wearing a bikini. Posted a picture of herself wearing a swimsuit on social media. People slammed her for wearing such inappropriate attire in the month of Ramadan. Several people have given her positive replies. A number of haters slut-shamed her in the name of Islam and Ramadan.

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