that sanju movie taught us

Great things that sanju movie taught us

List of great things that Sanju movie taught us

Great things that Sanju movie taught us. Sanju is a Bollywood based biographical movie based on the life story of Sanjay Dutt and with a relationship with his father.  Addiction towards alcoholism and drugs and his involvement in Bombay blastings.  Director of this film is Rajkumar Hirani and producer  Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Ranbir Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Anushka Sharma, Vicky Kaushal, Dia Mirza and Jim Sarah are seen in main lead roles. The film performed very well at the box office made 460 crores worldwide. Good in content there are some great things that Sanju movie taught us great things that sanju movie taught us

Here are some great things that Sanju movie taught us

Choose your circle wisely gret things that sanju movie taught us

In the movie Sanju, we have seen that Sanjay Dutt went wrong (i.e.drugs) because of his circle of wrong friends like Jubin who put him into drugs.  Ruined his life for the purpose of stealing money from him and not even himself takes the drug and then comes his another friend Kamlesh who helped him a lot and to take him out of drugs with the help of his father Mr. Sunil Dutt and he even prayed for his mother. The only thing it conveys is that you will get hundreds of fake friends like Jubin but there will be very few like Kamlesh if you have such friends like Kamlesh you are lucky enough hold their hands forever.

 Shut your hater’s mouth with your success great things that sanju movie taught us

In the movie Sanju we have seen as Sanjay Dutt gone wrong with drugs and then he is involved in terrorist activity. He also went jail because of his involvement in terrorist activity. He is having each and everything that a star kid has not to be. The almost whole nation started speaking against him before the thing got proved almost every one was saying negative things about him. Peoples are judgemental especially media and news channels started tolerating him by saying he is a terrorist. Then he performed very well in movies and received many awards as well. People will let you down they will become negative and judgment so it’s better to shut their mouth with success instead of fighting with them.

Dad’s love and support great things that sanju movie taught us

The movie Sanju has shown us the greatest love bond between father and son (Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Dutt). It is shown that his father always helped him in his good and bad times. He is there in his every turn of his life he has given his son a great career start helped in coming out of the drugs and at last fought against the legal judiciary system to let his son come out of prison. The message Sanju movie conveyed is that father’s love and support is always there he is there for you in each and every turn to support you.

Drugs and suicide are not solutions to any problem great things that sanju movie taught us

Another beautiful thing that Sanju taught us is life is full of ups and downs. We have to fight for it no matter how hard the situation is. There is always a solution of it in movie Sanjay Dutt is highly involved in drugs almost taken each and every drug once because his father scolded him and second time because his mother was ill so he has taken drugs to forget that problem that’s a wrong thing and afterwards when he get imprisonment  orders he was almost about to do suicide but he fought against the problems and won because drugs and suicide are not the solutions of any problem make sure you are the one who can fight .

Keep your hopes alive Great Things that sanju movie taught us

Another good thing that Sanju movie taught us that life is full of ups and downs.  Sometimes people suffer a lot fails a lot similarly like in Sanju movie Sanjay Dutt suffered a lot first with drugs, then with a terrorist act and after everything was fine he lost his support system that’s his father the person who was with him. In each and every turn of his life, the person who made him took him out of drugs and fought against the system to let him out of jail. At last, when their time comes he lost him. No matter how many bad days you have suffered keep the hope alive better days are coming.

Never believe in what you see or hear great things that sanju movie taught us

The valuable thing that Sanju movie taught us that we people believe is what they see or hear. They always see the negative or a bad side of a person or a situation. They don’t see the root cause of the problem or in which situation the person is or what the person is really facing. Similarly, in Sanju movie people believed in media before knowing what he is facing and they declared him as a terrorist. There is always another side to a story so don’t just blindly believe whatever you see or hear.

Listen to good songs great things that sanju movie taught us

Always listen good quality of songs kind of songs.  We listen to songs depending on our mood in which we are or in which mood we want to. Always listen to songs according to who you want to be. In movie Sanjay Dutt listen to his mother’s motivational song that helped him in quitting drugs. It’s better to listen to motivational songs that inspire you and guides you. Songs are your best friends they will help you at every point of life.

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